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Donation of Pandemic Protection and Control Materials

Date: Mar 29 ,2022 Return List

The Fengtai Sub-district Office of the People's Government of Pingdu City (county-level city) in Qingdao held a donation ceremony for fighting the pandemic on March, 29th. Beauty Linking Hair Products Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Seaforest Group) donated medical protective gowns, isolation apparel, protective masks and other anti-epidemic materials with a total value of more than 100,000RMB (15,715.61USD), to support the government's pandemic initiatives with such practical actions which contributes to the pandemic prevention and control.


Stanley Sun, President of Seaforest, said: "In the face of the pandemic, no one can stay out of it, and the same is true for Seaforest. As a local enterprise, we should proactively undertake social responsibilities and take practical actions to do a good job in pandemic prevention and control. Our donation of all materials, I hope, would contribute to the prevention and control of the pandemic in Pingdu. Here, I also would like to pay tribute to the workers who are standing firmly in the front line of the pandemic prevention. I believe that under the leadership of our government, with the joint cooperation and efforts of medical staff and the general public, we will definitely win this battle against the pandemic.”


In order to implement the relevant pandemic-prevention requirements from government on epidemic prevention work, Seaforest has prepared itself to stand and build a strong line of defense. We focus on pandemic prevention and control as well as on ensuring production and supply. Meanwhile, we strictly implement the pandemic prevention and control policies, and earnestly pay attention to every employee‘s health. In addition, we reinforce the company's internal pandemic prevention and control, not leaving out safe production. Sea Forest Hair will continue to follow the pandemic, and respond to any calls in a timely manner to contribute to the prevention and control of the pandemic.