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Exchange Conference of Intelligent Manufacturing in Hair Products Industry

Date: Jul 06 ,2022 Return List

On the afternoon of July 1, Guodong Lu, the executive vice president of Zhejiang University Robotics Research Institute, and a group of 8 people visited the Seaforest factory for an exchange conference to conduct surveys and research. Luzheng Sun (Stanley Sun), president of Seaforest, warmly welcomed the group and attended the exchange conference.


During the visit to the hair production workshops, Luzheng Sun (Stanley Sun) introduced the production process, technical process, production equipment, management mode, etc. To Guodong Lu and his party, fully demonstrating that under the Toyota lean manufacturing management mode, Seaforest relies on flexibility and strong competitiveness and achieves great advantages of large-scale production in the supply chain.


At the exchange meeting, the two parties discussed the status quo of the hair products industry, future development trends, and improvement of production technology efficiency. The production of hair products is labor-intensive. Through technology research and development, it moves towards mechanized, automated and intelligent production. On the one hand, it can reduce labor input and labor costs; on the other hand, it can further improve the standardization of hair product production and ensure the stability of product quality.

From the perspective of industry development status, compared with other industries, the mechanization, automation and intelligence of the hair products industry are still in their infancy. Improving the level of intelligent manufacturing is the key to leading the industry. Under the premise of being close to changes in market demand, whoever can take the lead in realizing intelligent manufacturing in the industry will have a better chance to take the lead in the future development of the industry.


Guodong Lu said that the Institute of Robotics of Zhejiang University has been deeply involved in the field of robotics for a long time. This conference will provide an opportunity for Seaforest to enter into automated production and intelligent manufacturing, and help Seaforest to transform and upgrade in the hair products industry. At the same time, the two sides continue to deepen communication and interaction, and continue to expand cooperation methods, which can also actively promote the transformation and upgrading of the entire hair products industry.

Luzheng Sun (Stanley Sun) said that Seaforest has always maintained an enterprising spirit with good learning ability, ensuring technology as the core and innovation as the driving force. This meeting will greatly promote the progress of Seaforest. It is hoped that the two parties can strengthen exchanges and cooperation, and enhance the intelligent manufacturing level of the hair products industry through technology empowerment.